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Anti NDAA – Habeas Corpus & Indefinite Detention

By Glen Bradley
May 11, 2012
And the second project I want to bring to your attention is a resolution composed by the Oathkeepers, and the Patriot Coalition to denounce the suspension of Habeas Corpus and authorize indefinite detention in sections 1021 and 1022 of the NDAA.

This one is a lot more straightforward even if the bill is significantly longer. It is simply a resolution, which means that it can be introduced on day 1 of the short session, and it does not count under my 10 bill limit.

So we also need your help to support the resolution to oppose/object to the suspension of Habeas Corpus in sections 1021 and 1022 if the NDAA. It, too will acquire a bill number on May 16th, and it is provided for you here:
2011-LG-149.pdf – Google Docs


Resolution to Hear Anti Agenda 21 Bill – Glen Bradley

By Glen Bradley
May 11, 2012
First project I want to discuss is our bill to refuse compliance with Agenda 21.Because this is a bit complicated, I will try to explain what is going on.

A non-budgetary bill may only be introduced in the short session with 2/3 support of the members. A resolution may be introduced at any time, and does not count towards out 10 bill limit. Therefore we have a resolution to introduce the noncompliance bill, and then the noncompliance bill itself that will be introduced upon 2/3 passage of the resolution.

The resolution to introduce will gain a bill number on May 16th when it is introduced.

Here is what we need, we need 2/3 support from members of both the House and the Senate on the introduction resolution here:

so please contact your State Representative and State Senator and express to them how much you want them to support the anti-Agenda21 resolution and noncompliance bill, so that we can get the 2/3 support we need to introduce the actual noncompliance bill here:

If your State Representative or State Senator is a Democrat, there are a wide variety of “Democrats against Agenda 21” groups out there in existence, so it may help to look a few of them up first and reference them when contacting your Rep or Senator. I will also be attempting to rally those groups.See More
2011-LB-428B.pdf – Google Docs

Tenth Amendment – Glen Bradley

By Glen Bradley

May 12, 2012

Our educational system no longer teaches our children, it indoctrinates them with select propaganda organized at State and Federal levels. The only ‘propaganda’ that should be promulgated in public schools relates to the proper function of American government: Read the Constitution, understand it, and vote according to what it says.

For too long we have sat silently by and allowed our public schools in America and North Carolina to inculcate our children with collectivist philosophies such that we are on the verge of losing that brightly burning spark of individualism upon which the American ideal is based.

You cannot constantly erode the foundation and expect the structure to survive. We are all worried that the American structure is in trouble and needs repair, but only a few of us really understand that the damage is in the foundation, where the fundamental principles of liberty, Constitutional compliance, and real Americanism and personal sovereignty reside.

Which is why I proposed to nullify “No Child Left Behind” as a first step to demanding the Federal Government butt out of North Carolina education.

This is one of the primary reasons I was forced out of the NCGA, the current leadership cannot abide 10th Amendment legislation in North Carolina. They would not even allow it to be heard in committee after I had counted my votes and guaranteed passage.

I found all of my bills “red flagged” by the Speaker which meant that the committee chairs were not allowed to hear them or bring them up for a vote.

A prime example is HB65, Farmer’s Freedom. The Speaker explicitly told the Committee chair that he was not allowed to hear the bill in committee even though I have the votes in committee to pass it by nearly a 3/4ths margin, and well over a simple majority on the House floor.

My bill HB587 NC Jobs Bill likewise had a clear margin for passage in committee, and on the House floor, and I three times a day every day I kept asking the committee chair ro hear the Jobs Bill until he got so frustrated that he actually assaulted me to try and get me to shut up about it. He was frustrated because the bill was “red flagged” and not allowed to be heard by the Speaker, despite the fact that I had the votes to pass committee and on the House floor.

Therein lies the problem, if a member of the State House has a bill that is popular and necessary enough to get the votes for passage, it should be heard. When you have a Speaker and a majority leader that will block such bills because they, personally, don’t like them you have corruption, which corruption needs to be flushed if we are ever going to have healthy government.

It is true enough that no EO’s are supposed to override Congress, that is blatantly unconstitutional. The problem is that all funds are fungible. Just because Congress does not authorize expenditures for program ABC does not mean that money will not be spend on ABC. The Executive branch can simply take a few dollars from here, there, and everywhere to obtain the funding it needs.

Oh sure, it’s blatantly unconstitutional and deeply offensive to our American form of government, but then that’s kinda my point. 😉

Glen Bradley – Thank you Volunteers and Supporters

I want to thank you all for your extraordinary support in the 2012 primary election. Without your help we could not have gone nearly as far as we did, and we were not up against some random new person, but against the entire establishment machine and the most powerful Republican in the State of North carolina.

We, who want to restore State and Federal compliance with the strict construction of the Constitution are a very large group and we deserve to be heard, but the status quo establishment does not think we merit a seat at the table and will bring everything they have to bear to prevent us from getting access.

You see, if we strictly obey the Constitution, then there is nothing to give to the lobbyists and the special interests who work to guarantee their reelection, and that is the one thing they cannot tolerate — shutting down the lobbyists and the special interests.

But you and I know it must be done for the good of our State, our Nation, our children and our grandchildren. The system as it is is bankrupting us morally and financially and it must be stopped.

So our work is not done, it is only begun. I already have two more projects in the NCGA that I will be working in the short session, a resolution condemning the indefinite detention and the suspension of habeas corpus in the NDAA, and a noncompliance bill, refusing compliance at any level in the State of North Carolina with Agenda 21.

These are projects I was working prior to the election, and I am continuing to work them today. Stay tuned right here for more information on how you can help!

For liberty!

Glen Bradley

Who is in Control?

By Glen Bradley

May 12, 2012

Yet another blatantly unconstitutional Executive Order. Why aren’t the mainstream news sources covering this? This ties in directly with Agenda 21. Plus, we are about to get a Governor in NC who greatly advanced Agenda 21 in Charlotte. We are in very dangerous territory now. This is why we have to pass the Agenda 21 noncompliance bill in May/June 2012 and not wait until 2013 when all the A21 people are already in place.

If you just want to see the executive order without all the panic and handwaving, it’s right here:



We are introducing a resolution to introduce this on May 16th. If we get 2/3 we will be able to move it in the short session. If not, we are in real trouble, as in 2013 we are almost certainly going to have Republican Governor with a strong history of implementing A21 during his political career.

US is the #1 nation on the planet per capita incarceration

By Glen Bradley
May 12, 2012
You would be amazed at how many Americans I have explained to them that the US is the #1 nation on the planet per capita incarceration and processing int he Justice System, and they turn around and justify it by saying American prison is better than China or Russia’s non-prison.The point is we are no longer a free nation. Just because one cannot see the bars of their cage, does not mean they are not confined. We have lost our way, more so than most people can even conceive of or see. There is a path back to that American form of liberty that once made our country great and strong, and that path is the strict and equal enforcement of the Constitution that only comes from the voters.Sad to say, We the People have been neglecting our most sacred and important duty for the last century, and that’s why America is on the brink of real disaster.

“Every friend of freedom must be as revolted as I am by the prospect of turning the United States into an armed camp, by the vision of jails filled with casual drug users and of an army of enforcers empowered to invade the liberty of citizens on slight evidence.” — Milton Friedman
Where is the authority in the US Constitution for the Federal government to regulate drugs? At the State level, of course it is completely different, but we cannot go about willy nilly doing whatever we like just because we like it. We have a Constitution for a reason, and if we do not like it then we can amend the Constitution, but we cannot simply ignore it.
America is broken, we ignore the Constitution. Government is only allowed to do those things specifically enumerated in the Constitution and nothing more. The US Government only has those 18 powers enumerated in Article 1 Section 8 period. That is the nature of the US Constitution. We can’t just ignore it when it becomes inconvenient, that’s why Government is broken today.

Liberty In Progress – Glen Bradley

In any case, we press on for liberty. I will continue being active of course. I’d like to get active on the Constitutionalist Alliance and go around the State teaching people to read the Constitution and vote by it. If nothing else, sow the ground.

NC has several Liberty candidates running in November from commissioner on up. Without Glen trying and winning, this may have never happened. This is just the beginning….Liberty in Progress.

If they did not fear us, why would they district Glen out of his seat? If they did not fear us, why would they out spend us by 5 to 1 (not including the last 20 days)? If they did not fear us, why did they blacklist us?  If they did not fear us, why did Barefoot move from his nice house in Apex to run in SD-18 just before the districts were approved? (Other wise, he would have had a waiting period to run.)

CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? Liberty is on the rise and getting stronger! We are in it to win it….that is Freedom, Liberty and the CONSTITUTION!

The Bradley Fighting Vehicle

The Bradley Fighting Vehicle. He is and always will be. He will stand up for the Constitution, fights for jobs in NC with TRUE regulation reform like bill 587. Glen Bradley is a true Statesman.


Glen Bradley-Final Push before May 8 Primary

Glen needs your help! We had 8 volunteers today and did not get everything completed before the rain came pouring down.

Glen wants to complete the canvassing of a very densely populated area.

We will meet at 2PM tomorrow, Sunday, complete this area and then do lit drop for the balance of the time.

Thanks and hope to see you all there.

Crystal’s Coffee & Tobacco Shop
2930 Forestville Road
Raleigh, NC 27616
(919) 266-4300

Glen would like to reach 5000 voters by the end of today’s canvassing. We can not reach this goal without your help. This is where the rubber meets the road folks. We can talk about the Constitution, Liberty and Freedom all day but are we all willing to put in 6 to 8 hours to fight for it.

This race will come down to the last day of canvassing. The truth is, when people hear about Glen, they vote for him. Out of 90,000 potential voters, we only reach 2% on social media outlets. Glen’s opponents have money. They have sent mailers and are now engaged in radio ads.

We will loose our voice in Raleigh without your help. Please join me, Mom, and save the Constitution, Liberty and Freedom .

Jacque Esslinger

Ron Paul Endorses Glen Bradley for NC Senate District 18