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Glen Bradley Platform on Redistricting

One of the most critical aspects of the 2010 race for the NC State Assembly is redistricting.
The State House elected in 2010 will be responsible for redistricting. For nearly a century, North Carolina has been gerrymandered — as recent confirmed by the United States Supreme Court — which leads to a condition where the citizens of North Carolina are not fairly represented. Glen believes that our House and Congressional districts should reflect the local and geographical communities which they contain. Mis-shaping our districts in order to influence the sort of people they will elect, is a kind of establishment ‘loading the dice’ against the North Carolina citizens. We can only be fairly represented when our districts are fairly drawn. Glen will stand up and fight on the House floor for fair, community based redistricting, that will give the voters the largest voice we have ever had to demand change, when our representatives misbehave.

  1. Check out my blog. Be patient. I am new to this but decided to give it a try. Thanks for joining me.

  2. Jeff Austin permalink

    This is one of the biggest issues our state house will face in 2011. I firmly believe in local representation and right now we don’t have it in NC.

  3. Glen Bradley is an important person to have in the house!

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