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And the saga continues

October 3, 2012

As the days move closer to the elections, I am still miffed at the sheeple.  Most of them do not have a clue that we are headed in the “socialist” direction.  QE3 or QE forever will bring a us to our knees.  How can the Federal Reserve, a private bank, buy $85 billion of bad debt per month?  They will print money, buy the debts from banks with new printed money.

The more money printed, the lower it’s value.  Since our current administration did the bailout, gas prices increased for $1.86 per gallon the today’s average $3.85 per gallon.  Crude oil is bought and sold in dollars so if the value of the dollar declines, the cost of a barrel of oil increases.  The oil still really cost the same but it required more devalued dollars to buy it.

Now I hear that oil is being bought in yuan.  This means our dollars are not worth the paper they are printed on.  How will America purchase crude oil now?  USA already owes China over $51 billion dollars.  Why did this administration stop the Keystone Pipeline?  Would this create American jobs?  In my opinion, yes.

I’m just an ordinary, hard working, person.  Let’s take America back by electing Constitutional candidates.

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