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Email Your Elected Officials: Final Push to Pass the Anti-Agenda Resolution

May 15, 2012

I just copied the information below, but I am listing every NC Senator’s and NC Representative’s email so you can contact them just by clicking on their name.  Let’s show our elected officials that We the People put them in office to serve us not the special interest groups or the groups that will fund their November election.  We do have the power at the voting booth.  Please remember that.

All 120 NC House of Representatives emails:

All 50 NC Senators emails:

A non-budgetary bill may only be introduced in the short session with 2/3 support of the members. A resolution may be introduced at any time, and does not count towards out 10 bill limit. Therefore we have a resolution to introduce the noncompliance bill, and then the noncompliance bill itself that will be introduced upon 2/3 passage of the resolution.

The resolution to introduce will gain a bill number on May 16th when it is introduced.

Here is what we need, we need 2/3 support from members of both the House and the Senate on the introduction resolution here:

so please contact your State Representative and State Senator and express to them how much you want them to support the anti-Agenda21 resolution and noncompliance bill, so that we can get the 2/3 support we need to introduce the actual noncompliance bill here:

If your State Representative or State Senator is a Democrat, there are a wide variety of “Democrats against Agenda 21″ groups out there in existence, so it may help to look a few of them up first and reference them when contacting your Rep or Senator. I will also be attempting to rally those groups.See More
2011-LB-428B.pdf – Google Docs

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