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Tenth Amendment – Glen Bradley

May 12, 2012

By Glen Bradley

May 12, 2012

Our educational system no longer teaches our children, it indoctrinates them with select propaganda organized at State and Federal levels. The only ‘propaganda’ that should be promulgated in public schools relates to the proper function of American government: Read the Constitution, understand it, and vote according to what it says.

For too long we have sat silently by and allowed our public schools in America and North Carolina to inculcate our children with collectivist philosophies such that we are on the verge of losing that brightly burning spark of individualism upon which the American ideal is based.

You cannot constantly erode the foundation and expect the structure to survive. We are all worried that the American structure is in trouble and needs repair, but only a few of us really understand that the damage is in the foundation, where the fundamental principles of liberty, Constitutional compliance, and real Americanism and personal sovereignty reside.

Which is why I proposed to nullify “No Child Left Behind” as a first step to demanding the Federal Government butt out of North Carolina education.

This is one of the primary reasons I was forced out of the NCGA, the current leadership cannot abide 10th Amendment legislation in North Carolina. They would not even allow it to be heard in committee after I had counted my votes and guaranteed passage.

I found all of my bills “red flagged” by the Speaker which meant that the committee chairs were not allowed to hear them or bring them up for a vote.

A prime example is HB65, Farmer’s Freedom. The Speaker explicitly told the Committee chair that he was not allowed to hear the bill in committee even though I have the votes in committee to pass it by nearly a 3/4ths margin, and well over a simple majority on the House floor.

My bill HB587 NC Jobs Bill likewise had a clear margin for passage in committee, and on the House floor, and I three times a day every day I kept asking the committee chair ro hear the Jobs Bill until he got so frustrated that he actually assaulted me to try and get me to shut up about it. He was frustrated because the bill was “red flagged” and not allowed to be heard by the Speaker, despite the fact that I had the votes to pass committee and on the House floor.

Therein lies the problem, if a member of the State House has a bill that is popular and necessary enough to get the votes for passage, it should be heard. When you have a Speaker and a majority leader that will block such bills because they, personally, don’t like them you have corruption, which corruption needs to be flushed if we are ever going to have healthy government.

It is true enough that no EO’s are supposed to override Congress, that is blatantly unconstitutional. The problem is that all funds are fungible. Just because Congress does not authorize expenditures for program ABC does not mean that money will not be spend on ABC. The Executive branch can simply take a few dollars from here, there, and everywhere to obtain the funding it needs.

Oh sure, it’s blatantly unconstitutional and deeply offensive to our American form of government, but then that’s kinda my point. 😉

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