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Glen Bradley – Thank you Volunteers and Supporters

May 12, 2012

I want to thank you all for your extraordinary support in the 2012 primary election. Without your help we could not have gone nearly as far as we did, and we were not up against some random new person, but against the entire establishment machine and the most powerful Republican in the State of North carolina.

We, who want to restore State and Federal compliance with the strict construction of the Constitution are a very large group and we deserve to be heard, but the status quo establishment does not think we merit a seat at the table and will bring everything they have to bear to prevent us from getting access.

You see, if we strictly obey the Constitution, then there is nothing to give to the lobbyists and the special interests who work to guarantee their reelection, and that is the one thing they cannot tolerate — shutting down the lobbyists and the special interests.

But you and I know it must be done for the good of our State, our Nation, our children and our grandchildren. The system as it is is bankrupting us morally and financially and it must be stopped.

So our work is not done, it is only begun. I already have two more projects in the NCGA that I will be working in the short session, a resolution condemning the indefinite detention and the suspension of habeas corpus in the NDAA, and a noncompliance bill, refusing compliance at any level in the State of North Carolina with Agenda 21.

These are projects I was working prior to the election, and I am continuing to work them today. Stay tuned right here for more information on how you can help!

For liberty!

Glen Bradley

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