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Glen Bradley Canvassing – Rolesville tomorrow 1PM

April 29, 2012

We are gathering as many people as we can to canvass Rolesville NC tomorrow!

Rolesville – Meet in Food Lion parking lot 405 S Main St Rolesville, NC

Meet at 1PM on Sunday. We will have literature, clipboards and go gettem attitudes.

Please join us or email RSVP at

Grassroots campaigns are won or lost on the canvass. This fact is, always has been, and always will be true. Establishment candidates with status quo networks can operate direct mail at 10,000 feet, but every grassroots candidate that has won elections in the history of America has won on the ground, on the canvass.

YOU can help restore the Constitutional Order by joining us on the canvass in Rolesville tomorrow at 1PM!

If the soldiers at Valley Forge could march on with feet and toes literally breaking off frozen to take the fight to the Hessians, we can surely walk a few miles in beautiful sunny weather to take the message of the Constitution to the voters!

RSVP now and come out and help tomorrow!

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