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iCaucus Supports Glen Bradley for SD-18

April 11, 2012

Jane Bilello forwarded this information:
This was a response I sent to Velvet regarding iCaucus misinformation. We need to cease hurting those who are trying to save us this nation from destruction!)
Thank you for sending this. I appreciate your response. I think there was confusion and maybe there still is about iC. iC looks for principled candidates, vets, endorses and then gets them elected. Once elected, iC holds them accountable.

Glen Bradley is one shining example of that. The more principled candidates we have in office, the more our voice for fiscal sanity can be heard. The votes are taken from the grassroots groups in the candidates district. In Glen’s case and in Senator Jim Davis’ case, they were iC endorsed in 2010. They have proven stellar records. Based upon their records of adherence to Constitutional authority, iC endorsed them again. These candidates, especially Glen, understands constitutional authority, fiscal responsibility and free market principles. He has championed the Republican principles. It is the established Republican party that has lost its way,not Glen. You should be questioning the Rs about their principles and why they have sold us out to the Progressives and gotten us into this hole that we may not be able to dig out way out of. It’s the Republican party that needs to revisit the principles of the’ Party.’ Glen gets it, lives it and sticks his neck out to bring those principles to legislation, unlink his RINO colleagues in the House. If you trash these candidates, or allow others on a thread to do so, you also trash Dan Forest since both have gone through the same vetting and endorsement process.

Also, to protect the candidates, the interviews cannot be emailed to anyone else as you seem to be trying to do. There are security measures taken to protect the candidates interview, tests and assurances that the votes are true. iC wants to make sure that someone cannot vote more than once or hijack and ‘edit’ their interviews. So, please do not try to copy and send links. iC has gone to elaborate security lengths and we have worked tirelessly to bring this process to everyone.

ATPAC has been at the forefront of promoting the process in NC because we do not want the political parties telling us who to vote for. iC and ATPAC has been absolutely transparent so we can encourage others to participate. We need to get citizens engaged in the political process. What better way to do it?

I thank you for encouraging others to register with iCaucus so they can listen to the interviews. However, please also encourage them to vote when they receive ballots. Encourage your tea party leaders and connections to become engaged in this process with their groups. It only helps Dan Forest. You are supposed to be the tea party liaison for his campaign.

……When you put out negatives on organizations, including ATPAC, you discredit his endorsements and erode his support. It also puts us in a position of wasting precious time defending the process (like now), instead of devoting time putting out positive campaign material on Dan and our other candidates, and posting reasons not to vote for their opposition.

…..Please, next time ask me, Wendy or Ron or Dara about candidates you have questions about or about iC. Negative remarks get picked up by the opposition and correct or incorrect, are used against what we are trying to establish, and that’s get these good candidates elected.

Please feel free to post this on the ‘thread’ that appeared today so the misconceptions can be cleared up. You may not be the only one. Do take care and I hope this explanation clears the air. Let’s concentrate on the primary and getting these candidates over the finish line.

Jane iC NC CQQ Coordinator/ATP/PAC Chair

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