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Glen Bradley on Jobs, Jobs and More Jobs

March 22, 2012

Job Growth

In 2011, Glen Bradley wrote the only pure jobs bill in the North Carolina General Assembly. House Bill 587 North Carolina Job Growth Through Regulatory Reform was designed to create an environment of job growth by introducing stability into the regulatory field forcing regulations to be easy to understand, undergo periodic review for obsolescence, reduce regulatory burdens while maintaining health and safety in the workplace, and forming a commission to investigate barriers to market entry for middle and lower class entrepreneurs seeking to work for themselves.
Under intense pressure from tens of thousands of concerned North Carolina citizens, the majority of the text of HB 587 was put into Senate Bill 781 Regulatory Reform and became the crown jewel jobs piece of the Joint Committee’s Regulatory Reform bill, which we passed overriding the Governor’s veto.
We are already seeing some job growth behind the regulatory changes from the text of Glen Bradley’s jobs bill, but the bottom line is that the joint committee assembled the jobs piece incorrectly, and the work to restore real job growth to North Carolina is only half complete.
Glen Bradley is running for the State Senate, among other reasons, to repair the damage that was done to HB 587 when it was inserted into SB 781. As he did in 2011, Senator Bradley will continue to maintain his primary focus on the needs of the constituents of NC Senate District 18 by focusing primarily on fostering an environment for job growth.
Glen Bradley’s philosophy is that the constituents always come first. While other Representatives and Senators were chasing down pet projects and wasting the taxpayer’s time with midnight sessions, State sports and minerals, and pork projects for key donors in their home districts, Glen Bradley focused his whole attention on putting his job growth language into law, successfully creating fundamental regulatory reform that will continue to foster job growth in North Carolina for years to come.
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