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Glen Bradley Asks – What’s Important to you?

March 21, 2012

What is the most important issue that the NC General Assembly should consider in the 2013-2014 sessions?

A  Job creation by free market,reducing regulations

B  NC Shall Not Comply With ICLEI/Agenda 21

C  Voter ID,Restore Confidence in Government

D  Putting Students First/Local Control

E  North Carolina Shall Not Materially Comply With NDAA Indefinite Detention

Glen Bradley will fight for you.  Tell me what’s important to you.

On the Record by Glen Bradley

  1. For what it’s worth coming from someone outside your district, I would have to vote to push interposition against NDAA compliance. Of course, that might not be the easiest one to get through the GA, but I see it as the one of most urgency and importance. And I don’t mean just a “resolution,” either; I mean a nullification bill that includes criminal penalties for violators. I’ll be behind that 100%, Glen. Let me know if you think that’s going to be on the agenda for your upcoming Senate term. ;0)

    • I believe Glen is working on a bill for this in the 2012 short session. He does have a resolution also but he has been working on the bill which is, as you said, much more important then a resolution. I will get back to you on this. I believe it is in drafting along with an Agenda 21 bill.
      Short session starts in April, I will have more details then.

      Freedom Mom

    • Rep. Bradley is working on that, not just a resolution but more. He will need all of us behind him to get this heard during the short session.

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