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Mark Hopp Announces as Candidate for Commissioner

January 6, 2012

An excerpt from The Alamance County News newspaper on Dec 29, 2011

“Another probable contender in the Republican camp is Mark Hopp, a Burlington resident who has set up a website devoted to his candidacy for the board of commissioners. The Alamance News was unable to reach Hopp before press time on Wednesday, although the candidate has been open about his intentions on both his website and a corresponding Facebook page.

In one Facebook post, Hopp informs his supporters that he has formally thrust himself into the contest for the county’s governing board.

“It’s official,” the candidate says in the post, dated November 7, “I filed the paperwork to announce. Still much work to be done, but the preliminary is done.”

Manning said that, Hopp not withstanding, he hasn’t heard of any other Republicans who’ve formally declared their candidacy for the board of commissioners. The board’s chairman added, however, that he won’t be surprised if the race attracts other contenders from within the GOP in the coming months.

“They always come out of the woodwork,” he said in an interview Wednesday.”

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