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Glen Bradley Grassroots $10 Online Fundraiser

November 16, 2011

It starts Friday 12:01AM and ends Sunday 12:00 Midnight.

Glen is a true grassroots candidate. We went door to door in D+8 district and Glen won. It is different this time. The Republicans are re-districting him out of his NC House seat and are trying to recruit others to run against him so we would loose in the primary. We need your help. He ran because the grassroots people asked him to step up to the plate and I am asking you as his MOM….to keep him there fighting for the Constitution and our Liberties.

Please everyone, feel free to promote this on your social pages. Glen is a grassroots candidate. Our very own, Campaign for Liberty – NC, kept pushing Glen to run. We need grassroots support.  It’s not a lot. It is one or two lunches, 2 or 4 beers at the local watering hole, 1 night at the movies. Please join us and help Glen Bradley.

Glen was endorsed by iCaucus, Republican Liberty Caucus and he is a Liberty sponsored candidate.

Learn about what iCaucus endorsed Glen Bradley is doing for YOUR freedoms in North Carolina, including but not limited to:
The NC Firearms Freedom Act
The NC Farmers Freedom and Protection Act
The NC Community Based Redistricting Act
The Ninth Amendment Popular Retention of Powers Act
The NC Intrastate Commerce Act
The NC Electoral Freedom Act
The NC Job Growth Act
…and more

Glen Bradley is either a sponsor or co-sponsor of each of these bills.

100 donors can buy yard signs
200 donors can but yard signs and bumper stickers
300 can buy all the above and print handouts.

Tea Party Rally on Tax Day

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