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Mark Hopp – Running for Alamance County Commissioner

November 14, 2011

Below is an email I received from a good friend and a great friend of Liberty and the Constitution.  Please check out his Facebook page below and give him support.

Hello All,

I’ve made the decision to jump in feet first and run for office as Alamance County Commissioner.
There are 3 at-large seats open for the 2012 election with 1 Republican and 2 Democrats.
It is highly likely that there will be more than 3 Republicans running in the primary which means that I will have a primary.

PLEASE go to the link below and click on it, the go and “like” the facebook page that I have. I also will have a website that is up but still under construction. There is a link from the facebook page to it.

Again, please click here:!/pages/Mark-Hopp-for-Alamance-County-Commissioner/216711591724738  

and then click “like”…I’m at 66 right now with a goal of 100 by Thanksgiving.

In Liberty,
Mark Hopp

One Comment
  1. van poteat permalink

    Please tell me more about Mr. Mark Hopp.

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