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Glen Bradley Grassroots $10 Fundraiser – November 18 to 20

November 12, 2011

Glen Bradley is having a moneybomb, well, more like a fundraiser, but this is no ordinary moneybomb. Instead of asking for $100 donations, we are asking for whatever you have, $5 or ideally $10, to donate to Glen. For this particular event, we are hoping for a large quantity of donors as opposed to the five or ten huge PAC donations Glen’s opponents are likely to receive. 100 people donating $10 would be fantastic.

For all of you who don’t know Glen, well, let’s get acquainted:

* He is a former*** U.S. Marine and he took the oath to defend the United States Constitution in December 1992.

* Glen has fought for liberty in the NC State House by introducing and co-sponsoring legislation to allow Gold and Silver to be used as currency, the Firearm Freedom Act, and the Farmers Freedom Act, along with many more.

* He campaigned heavily for Dr. Paul in 2007 and 2008 and is a true liberty candidate.

* Glen introducted Dr. Ron Paul at the NC State Rally in March…-reserve-note/

Here is the site to donate to on November 18th:

Here is the Facebook event, please invite your friends:…42639929127772

Finally, Glen is running for State Senate and he is currently a State House member. Keep in mind money goes a long way in State Races and $1 donated here is worth a lot more than $1 to a U.S. House seat, so every dollar matters.

***As one member has correctly pointed out, once a Marine, always a Marine.

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