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Glen Bradley Shoot Event

October 20, 2011

Restore the Constitution


Please join us this Saturday, October 22 from 10AM to 5PM. There will be great BBQ, pork, chicken and beef. Glen will bring a few rifles and shotguns just in case you want to shoot and don’t own one yet. You can target practice up yo 500 yards. Try your hand at skeet shooting. This clay things move pretty fast.

If you have never met Glen Bradley, now would be a good time. He is a remarkable statesman, a true Constitutionalist and a super freedom fighter. He is in Raleigh for all of us.

Many of you know, I am Glen Bradley’s mother. I am the proudest Mom around. Proud enough to bust! We need your help. We need you to come to New Hill and meet our next Senator from District 18.

Freedom Mom

Come zero your rifle and sharpen your shotgun!

One Comment
  1. The Senate Caucus took a page from our campaign book.
    “Please join the North Carolina Republican Senate Caucus for the first annual:

    Caucus Clay Shoot”

    The difference is, they are charging $1000 for the event that lasts 2 hours. We are charging $75 for food, skeet and rifle taget practice for an all day event. Please consider joining us in New Hill. We will have a great time and best of all, great company!

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