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Rep. Glen Bradley Constitution Day Money Bomb Reminder

September 14, 2011

Rep. Glen Bradley Constitution Day Money Bomb

Rep. Glen Bradley Constitution Day Money Bomb
Saturday, September 17

Rep. Bradley took the oath to uphold the Constitution, both US and NC.

Liberty, Freedom, Constitution. Representative Bradley will fight for us. Help Glen win in 2012.

The Glen Bradley campaign will be holding a Constitution Day Money Bomb on September 17 in honor of the United States Constitution. We hope that you will join us in making the Money Bomb a success and ensuring that we send Glen Bradley back to the North Carolina General Assembly in 2012 to defend and protect the Constitution.

North Carolina needs more Constitutionalists in Raleigh to stand up for our Liberty and Freedom.

Rep. Glen Bradley introduced and was the Primary Sponsor on the following bills:
H34 State’s Right to Claim Sovereignty.
H65 North Carolina Farmers Freedom Protection Act.
H240 Intrastate Commerce Act.
H241 North Carolina Firearms Freedom Act.
H301 Jt. Legis. Study on Alternative Currency.
H375 Checking Stations Unlawful.
H445 Prevent REAL ID Implementation.
H446 Labeling Requirements/GMFs & rBGH in Food.
H448 Constitutional Tender Act.
H576 Vacancy Special Election.
H587 North Carolina Jobs Bill.


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