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Ron Paulers helping neighbors

August 27, 2011

I have an idea I would like to pass on and see if it could take off in such a short time schedule. Though I have not been on these boards for a long time I know that they can be brutally honest with regards to individual beliefs and would like feedback.

The basics: Hurricane Irene is set to make landfall with devastating consequence. Given the fact that the federal government will screw up in response to disaster relief then I think this would be a good time to to put forth the message that America is built on the principal of neighbor helping neighbor without the government as middle man.
Could we set up something in short notice to help those hit while also getting our political message across?
The plan is this.

To provide tarp coverings to those that have lost shingles free of charge that are painted with “Vote Ron Paul” on them. If the individual is hostile to the notion after explanation then we will reverse them so as not to display the message.
To provide bottled water to those affected while wearing Ron Paul t-shirts.

I have a pick-up truck and carpentry tools enough to do this. However, I do not have the skills to raise the funds and network. This project could take several hundred to low one thousand to accomplish.

I live in N.C. so this is were it will make first landfall. For myself I ask nothing. I got time on my hands. I can sleep in a tent. Only food. And other volunteers are welcomed. My truck can transport 5 fairly comfortably.

However, it would take the cost of fuel, tarps, paint, water, food for volunteers, etc.

Does anyone here think that this is a worthwhile endeavor?

For it to happen there are many things that would need others to help out with. Things I am not capable at this time of doing.

The ability to network and raise funds and most importantly to keep an accounting so it is all ‘above board’ and free of controversy.

Ideas? Volunteers?

Contact me at:  jacquesplace@gmail to donate or volunteer.


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