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Statement on the Governor’s veto of HB 383

April 16, 2011

Fellow citizens,

Governor Beverly Perdue has, for the fourth time this session (tying the all-time historic record for the most vetoes in North Carolina History) confirmed her intent to veto another bill that is critically important to the voters in North Carolina.

House Bill 383 “An act to protect Unemployment Benefits and prevent any shutdown of State government.”

HB383 is both balanced and appropriate.  It prevents two critical shutdowns important to the people of North Carolina – first it prevents the shutdown of families currently relying on unemployment compensation, and second it prevents the shutdown of State Government in the event that Governor Perdue refuses to sign the 2011-2012 budget.

The State of North Carolina is currently receiving 87% of the revenue that had funded the 2009-2010, and therefore the continuing resolution provides that the NC State Government (in the event of a failure of the Governor to ratify the 2011-2012 budget) will continue operations at 87% appropriations across the board.  This will guarantee that the NC State Government will not shut down, and maintain budgetary spending equal to State income until such a time as the Governor does sign a budget.

The State of North Carolina has also received Federal Grant money from the US Congress enabling a continuation of Unemployment Compensation for unemployed workers, and HB 383 authorizes the Governor to disburse payments from that money to maintain Unemployment Benefits for out of work citizens.  It makes sense for both measures to be contained in the same bill, as it prevents shutdowns of both NC Government and NC families.

Governor Perdue has expressed her intent to veto HB 383 because she vehemently disagrees with taking measures to prevent a government shutdown at levels equal to our State income – despite the NC State Constitutional Balanced Budget Amendment.  I can only imagine that she is hoping for a government shutdown in order to blame Republicans and save her political position.

The citizens of North Carolina have had enough of the partisan politics and Democrat demagoguery – Governor Perdue is willing to block unemployment benefits to 37,000 North Carolina citizens in the hopes of getting a State government shutdown that she can blame on Republicans.  Stand with me and tell Governor Perdue that it is immoral to play politics with the lives of our citizens!

Representative Glen Bradley

NC State House District 49

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  1. Jack jernigan permalink

    This is all very confusing, but it appears to be coming down to polotics. Please somebody remember the 37,000 NC citizens who need the extended unemployment benefits !! These are hard times……don’t make them worse.

  2. Tell that to the Democrats. It was truly unacceptable that Governor Perdue was out of state at the races instead of here at home helping the tornado victims and approving the extension of unemployment for all 37,000 people. The part our governor did not like was “decrease spending” until the budget was passed. How hard is that to accept? All NC unemployed can thank Governor Perdue for that problem.

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