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Gov. Perdue veto again!

April 16, 2011

Glen Bradley

The bill does not include “double digit budget cuts” lol, it simply says that IF she fails to approve the budget, NC will not shut down like the US Gov would, but remain in operation at 87% funding UNTIL such a time as the budget is finally… passed.

This measure would prevent a government shutdown altogether, just like it prevents shutting down the lives of North Carolina citizens currently relying on unemployment compensation. Be very careful before taking Governor Perdue, the DPNC, and the News and Observer at their word, as it usually amounts to more spin and propaganda than fact.

The ONLY reasons to veto this bill are either 1) she wants to keep North Carolina citizens from receiving unemployment so that she can ‘blame Republicans’ in a partisan fashion, or 2) she wants the NC Government to shut down so that she can ‘blame Republicans’ in a partisan fashion. We aren’t even there yet, and she is ALREADY doing so in truckloads of spin. A sign of things to come?

House Bill 383 must pass, or Governor Perdue will force a government shutdown and blame it on the Republicans, and she is willing to deprive North Carolina citizens of their unemployment benefits in order to score political points.

Do not be misled!

Rep. Bradley took the oath to uphold the Constitution, both US and NC.

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