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Press Release for NC HB587

April 5, 2011


Raleigh, NC – Representative Glen Bradley has partnered with Representatives Harry Warren, John Torbett, and Kelly Hastings to produce, file, and introduce House Bill 587, the North Carolina Job Growth Through Regulatory Reform Act.  The NC Jobs Bill addresses the heart of the regulatory process  to remove bad regulations, stop new bad regulations from being enacted, prevent regulatory burdens from impacting growth and hiring, and to remove barriers to market entry for entrepreneurs, including the reassessment, reduction, or removal of State licensure programs.

House Bill 587, an Act to Promote North Carolina Job Growth through Regulatory Reform  was introduced and passed the first reading on April 5th 2011 in the North Carolina State House of Representatives.  The NC Jobs Bill includes recommendations that had been passed on from Governor Beverly Perdue towards the accomplishment of regulatory reform, it is the result of several weeks of hard work by Representatives Bradley, Harry Warren, Torbett, and Hastings.

“This regulatory reform package has been specifically directed towards reforming the regulatory processes which most affect job growth in North Carolina, and its enactment will have a profound impact on job growth and economic recovery in our State,” said Representative Glen Bradley, the primary organizer of the NC Jobs Bill, “This bill is truly groundbreaking in its scope, depth, and effect, and if passed it will make North Carolina a nationwide leader in our national economic recovery.”

House Bill 587 was introduced into the NC State House on April 5th 2011, and prior to its introduction had already picked up five cosponsorships from Representatives Mark Hilton, David Lewis, Bert Jones, Tim Moffitt, and Mike Stone.  Information on the bill and its progress is available on the North Carolina General Assembly website at

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Contact: Rosalie Schendel at (919) 733-5860 or

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