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Glen Bradley MONEY BOMB starts tonight at midnight

March 31, 2011

Become a supporter of Liberty and help Representative Glen Bradley toward victory in 2012 and relieve the debt from 2010.  The Constitution, Liberty and Freedom are Glen’s tools that lead him daily in Raleigh’s General Assembly.

If the foolish establishment politicians on both sides of the
aisle truly believe that upholding and defending the US and NC
Constitutions is worthy of ridicule, let’s show them how foolish
they really are with an April Fools Day Moneybomb to re-elect
Representative Glen Bradley to the NC State House in 2012!


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One Comment
  1. We are making progress on the Money Bomb. So far we have 0ver $2700. Not close to our goal but this will help prepare for 2012 earlier then we did for 2010. Now that Glen is in session, he has little time to do all the work himself.

    Thank you all for your support. I am proud to have blog followers and I hope I can call you friends.

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