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Lawson’s new ideas

October 26, 2010

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I find it ridiculous that our 22-year incumbent Rep. David Price is resorting to attacks on his formidable opponent B.J. Lawson, calling him and his ideas extreme (Oct. 15 Under the Dome item). Along with millions of concerned voters across the country, Lawson’s belief that the federal government should abide by the U.S. Constitution is anything but extreme. The federal debt spiraling out of control is extreme. The continued high unemployment rate is extreme. The laws that our current Congress is passing without reading them are extreme.

Price is attempting to demean a candidate who truly represents the new ideas we desperately need in Washington. Lawson can bring a principled voice based on his experience in medicine and building a business. He has the guts to discuss the tough issues and propose tough solutions to fix our horrific economic problems. We are not better off than we were two years ago, and we are not better off than we were in 1986 when Price was first elected. It’s time for Price to enjoy his cushy taxpayer-funded retirement and extraordinary medical benefits that few of his constituents can afford.

Jennifer Rainey,

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