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Who Is NC Candidate Glen Bradley?

October 9, 2010

Submitted by IamVoting4RonPaul on Fri, 09/17/2010 – 18:14

I’ve only just heard of him but he’s having a money bomb.

Received this from Ron Paul Forums:

“RPFs-vetted Glen Bradley (known as GunnyFreedom on the forum) is today receiving a “GunnyBomb” to help boost his campaign coffers in the midst of a very winnable race. Glen Bradley is running for State House 49 in North Carolina. Through tireless campaigning, Glen Bradley is currently indicated to win his race as shown by Public Policy Polling last month, but a couple months is a lifetime in politics, and it will take more money, more campaigning, and more volunteering for former-Marine Glen Bradley to have a sure chance at victory.

Glen Bradley is a strict constitutionalist and has never been afraid of clearly stating his positions. You can check out his “Issues” page here.  This…….. is what Glenn does best: clearly stating his ideals and plans for North Carolina, focusing on North Carolina’s issues, not making issues up of his opponents’…………



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