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Jobs and the Constitution

September 30, 2010

Right now people want to hear what are you going to do about jobs, and how do we get past all of this partisan nonsense. Anti-establishment is a winner, and people know it was really both parties that drove us into a ditch. The way out is to go back to the Constitution and make the Government obey the rule of law for once. Once they stop burdening businesses and production with tax and regulations, then industry will abound and new jobs will be created as companies expand to meet the markets.

I am so amazed when the liberal left insists on the newsreels that “you just don’t have a plan to fix …..whatever” If you want jobs, then you want the Constitution. The government has forgotten it and that’s why we lost them. Washington and Raleigh have turned into a lawless mob, and it’s time for We The People to step up and enforce the law.

I tell people every chance I get, there is one simple way to ‘fix’ America for generations to come. Simple but not easy – and it comes in two parts. First, every man, woman and child in America needs to learn and understand the Constitution. It should be public law that Public High Schools teach it for for a full semester. Second, we need to make it our highest civic duty as Americans, to fire anybody who disrespects it in any way. Elect anybody you like, but sully the Constitution and they are gone.

After a couple elections, they will get the message.

Glen Bradley


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