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In Defiance of the Constitution, 49,000 Troops Still Deployed in Iraq

August 25, 2010

Glen Bradley ₢ Apparently the means by which President Obama has removed all “Combat Troops” from Iraq, is simply by changing their name from “Combat Brigades” to “Advise and Assist Brigades.” the units and the mission are the same, only their name has changed. heckuva way to ‘end’ a war..

TUESDAY, 24 AUGUST 2010 13:00
Many of the nearly 50,000 combat troops waking up in the same Iraqi bivouacs would be surprised to learn that the “final combat brigade” has left Iraq and that Operation Iraqi Freedom has ended. by Joe Wolverton II


From → Glen Bradley

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  1. This sounds like the 1960’s-1970’s. Back then it was politics too and the big money investors making money off the back’s of our troops. The last true war was WWII and we did go to win and we did win. Not anymore. Where is the war declaration from DC?

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