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Glen Bradley on State Corruption

July 25, 2010

Clearly, we have a problem with political corruption in North Carolina. Between special interests, lobbyist influence, favor trading, and cronyism, something desperately needs to be done. The solution is to stop the illegal district gerrymandering that keeps the corrupt in power, by establishing fair, community based redistricting, and setting term limits for the NC General Assembly at three terms.

The large amount of corruption in North Carolina government is the direct result of special interest influence. We can put an end to special interest corruption by binding down our State government to those roles defined in the NC State Constitution. Further, the lack of term limits in the State House creates an environment where lobbyists can continue in perpetuity to fund those campaigns continue to give them whatever they want.

Glen Bradley will introduce and vigorously champion bills to impose term limits at three terms, and mandate that every bill introduced in the State Assembly contain it’s Constitutional justification.


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