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Glen Bradley’s Platform on Jobs And The Economy

July 22, 2010

“The most important aspect of economic recovery is job growth. In the midst of skyrocketing unemployment, Governor Perdue continues to push jobs and revenues out of the State by establishing affiliate taxes on Internet sales, and increasing the regulatory and legislative burdens to business and barriers market entry. In order to enhance job growth in North Carolina, it is crucial to reduce the cost of doing business, allowing employers to hire more employees. As your State House Representative, I will work to make it easier for companies to hire workers, while laboring to prevent undocumented aliens from undercutting the opportunities for legal residents and citizens.” — Glen Bradley

North Carolina can, and should be the model for economic growth and recovery that the rest of the United States can follow back to prosperity.

The primary roadblock to creating jobs in North Carolina and experiencing a full economic recovery, are the regulatory and legislative roadblocks that have been set in place to prevent competition amongst providers of goods and services.

What is not often discussed is that many, if not most of the regulations effecting local businesses are not imposed with an interest towards public safety or fairness, but they are usually written by the companies themselves as a means of artificially preventing competition, and thereby creating an artificial monopoly for their goods or services under the force of law.

Anybody who has attempted to create a startup entrepreneurial business can testify that all the laws, regulations, and taxes create barriers that the large companies are not hampered by.

By reducing or removing these barriers to market entry, while maintaining public safety regulations, Glen Bradley will work to attract manufacturing, goods, and services companies into North Carolina, thereby creating jobs, and boosting the general prosperity of every citizen in the State.

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