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Glen Bradley Platform on Education

July 22, 2010

North Carolina State education policy is absolutely critical as we push forward into the future. We owe it to our children, grandchildren, and our posterity to provide North Carolina’s schoolchildren with the best educational opportunities in the world.

The key to eliminating poverty in our lifetime is found in education. Currently, we are immersed in a Federally mandated system that has artificially eliminated competition and radically reduced the quality of our schools. North Carolina must assert our Tenth Amendment reserved powers to opt out of the failed “No Child Left Behind” program that has abandoned actual education in favor of test preparations. We must restore genuine competition and school choice if we have any hopes of developing in our State the finest education system in America. By allowing school vouchers, district transfers, charter schools, as well as encouraging private schools and homeschooling, we will allow parents to take their children out of failed schools and enroll them into successful schools. This will create intense competition for students and resources based in the quality of of an institution’s education, thereby lifting the children of poor families — who now only have access to substandard education — out of poverty and giving them access to the American Dream.

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  1. Barry Propst permalink

    We can never eliminate poverty. Poverty has always existed, and always will. That is what charity is for, neighbor serving neighbor. Charity is from God, and God has instituted HIS Church for that purpose among others, NOT for a particular form of Government to address Poverty.

    It is the parents responsibility to “Raise up a child in the way he should go…” Seldom does the Government school system ever really allow this to occur, but rather gives parents an excuse to shirk their responsibility onto the
    state. If the state ever attempts to remove the freedom of the parent to carry out this command from our Lord, this will be considered an act of persecution against the church, not to mention that it is unconstitutional.

    Bad politicians and tyrantical rulers always germinate from Bad Theology!

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